Eurostar Luxury Motors


We are a South Florida delear specializing mainly in rebuildable vehicles.  We have been in the automotive resale business for over 12 years and in 2011 we have started Eurostar Luxury Motors in sunny Pompano Beach Florida. 

​Our main focus is rebuilding vehicles that were involved in minor colissions and providing our clients with almost new vehicles at a fraction of the cost of a new car.  We buy our vehicles directly from major insurance companies, take them to a professional repair shop where they are fixed with brand new replacement parts, detail the interior and exterion, and then have them fully inspected by DMV. 

All of our cars undergo a rigourous inspection thru FL DMV where every replaced part is checked and all repairs are quality approved.  It is only after the state inspection that the vehicles receive a Florida rebuilt certificate of title and they are ready to be resold and registered with the future new owner.  We do not not sell salvage or rebuildable vehicles, we only sell already rebuilt vehicles. 

We take great pride in our products and strive to exceed our customers expectations.  South Florida is known for clean cars without rust due to the warm climate year round.  However, South Florida also has a bad reputation for the AKA Shade Tree Mechanics, stolen cars, and very bad paint jobs.  This makes it very difficult to convince our online clients that we are much different than the rest.  However, once they come to see our cars, or when they received the car they bought on eBay, they not only give us a great eBay feedback but sometimes we end up receiving thank you letters even photos. 

When we see our customers happy we know we have done everything posible to make the product we sell as good as it can be.  When we're exceeding their expectations we know have achieved our mission!  It takes a long time and hard work to build a good reputation.  We love what we do and to us is more than just a business, it is our hobby!
Customer Showcase - Photo provided by customer of his 2010 Forester Limited from the woods of PA enjoying a weekend getaway with the family.  

Send us a photo of your vehicle and we will proudly display it on our site!
2016 Impreza at Utah's Salt Flats - Many thanks to Carlos for providing those wonderful pictures of his recently purchased Subaru on his long journey home from Florida to Portland, OR!    


  1. Wonderful car exactly as advertised. Trustworthy, honest seller. Great deal!
    Ebay Buyer
  2. Cristian went above and helped me. great deal. Thanks
    Ebay Buyer
  3. Car was exactly as described. No surprises. Seller was helpful & honest.
    Ebay Buyer